40 thoughts to “Advent Pack Scam.. avoid – King of Avalon”

  1. The whole game is a scam! 't buy anything, whoever is willing to spend the most wins. There is no other strategy! I'll watch my sh40 rot. Fuk KoA!

  2. I bought 1 pack and i got basic vital soul stone..first time ever i got lucky on gem ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. If you think this game is such a scam why do you keep spending so much money on it bro think that be a good question everyone wants answered

  4. Soviel Geld ausgegeben… und bald folgt die SchlieรŸung, weil kein intelligenter Mensch gibt Geld aus fรผr so ein dummes Spiel.

  5. I have Morgause at 5 star but I am still getting the troop training benefit, could anybody explain the reason for that?

  6. hey, @revenge gamer. ive got somd sick footage and info about chinese getting wrecked in k148. check total loader boards for alliance kills rank 5, read alliance bio, its renamed TNW now. contact me ive got footage and info of how the chinese lost it

  7. Revenge i โ€™t know why i am in ur discord any more, its ok, just one question will u make a video when ur game is out? I want to make sure i will have it and want to be one of the first to try.

  8. Hey, can anyone tell me what the purpose is of camping…like you can't camp some men somewhere and then attack from the encampment, so….why??

  9. @Revenge, if you load into the spire and then back out it should free up the little glitches if you happen to run into them again.

  10. I was watching an old video, I feel bad that for forelands you were top back then, but the rewards werenโ€™t as good as now, how do you fare in there now? Top 20?

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