Guns of Glory – 3 Catacombs Tips

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Guns of Glory - 3 Catacombs Tips

Guns of Glory
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Make sure to check this video to discover the new Catacombs of update 1.5

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Get ready for the next stage of warfare with the free strategy MMO Guns of Glory! GoG’s thrilling multiplayer RTS and RPG gameplay lets you raise your own powerful army to shoot down enemies and team up with friends from around the globe.

In Guns of Glory, you take the lead as a rising Lord in a Kingdom thrown into war! To become supreme ruler and seize the Crown of Destiny from the devious Cardinal, you’ll ally with the famous Three Musketeers, slay ferocious beasts, build your own magnificent Castle, engineer an unstoppable Airship, rally with friends to destroy enemies, and more!


◆Strategy Warfare! Train an army of loyal Musketeers, manage your resources, construct devious traps and raid your enemies into oblivion, all in order to claim the crown and turn your Alliance into an unbeatable empire!

◆Powerful Airships! In an era of emerging progress and science, shoot down enemies and lead the attack with deadly advanced aircraft for a new level of RTS warfare. How will you customize your own flying warship?

◆World War! Seamless chat translation features make GoG’s multiplayer RTS and RPG gameplay richer than ever before – making friends from anywhere in the world has never been so simple.

◆Immersive MMO World! Guns of Glory brings the world of the Three Musketeers to life like you’ve never seen it before! Gorgeously rendered HD graphics and vivid, beautiful landscapes make all the action in this free strategy MMO spring to life!

◆Advanced RTS Combat! Set your own strategy to attack enemies and aid allies! Guns of Glory’s strategy MMO gameplay with RPG elements lets you customize your Airship, Estate, troops, equipment and more. Develop a game strategy to fit your own style in GoG and claim victory!

◆Empire Building! Build up a glorious fortified Estate, master a range of devastating skills and arm yourself with indestructible weapons to ensure your survival and success in this world of multiplayer strategy war!

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PLEASE NOTE: Guns of Glory is completely free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. A network connection is also required.

Will you be able to claim Glory?

Original music by Savfk (

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▼ CAST ▼
Boba Fett
Voiced By Nice Peter
Performed by Ivan “”Flipz”” Vele

Voiced By EpicLLOYD
Performed by Robert Hoffman

Street Toughs: Edward Vilderman, Dante Cimadamore, EpicLLOYD, Forrest Whaley

Rebel Soldiers: Nice Peter & EpicLLOYD

▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers:
Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist

Directed by:
Nice Peter

Forrest Whaley

Written by:
EpicLLOYD, Nice Peter and Zach Sherwin

Staff Writer:
Dante Cimadamore

Senior Director of Studios:
Michelle Maloney

Production Coordinator:
Shaun Lewin

Song Produced by:
Nice Peter & Jose “”Choco”” Reynoso

Mixed by:
Nice Peter and Jose “”Choco”” Reynoso

Beat Produced by:
Tristan Krause

Video Editing by:
Andrew Sherman, Ryan Moulton and Nice Peter

BTS Editing by:
Edward Vilderman, EpicLLOYD

Behind the Scenes Filmed by:
Shaun Lewin & EpicLLOYD

VFX and Compositing:
Andrew Sherman and Ryan Moulton

Director of Photography:
Jon Na

Steadicam Operator:
Thor Wixom

Costume Designer/Art Director:
Sulai Lopez

Dept. Head Make Up and Hair:
Ashlyn Melancon

Art Department:
Remmington Brimmer and Mike Dombek

Deadpool & Boba Fett costumes by:
Dragan Radic

Trent Turner & Peter Koocheradis

Music Supervisor/Playback:
Dante Cimadamore

Andy Chinn

On Set Medic:
Glen Bojcuk & Anthony Coppula

Production Assistant:
Atoki Ileka

Produced by:
Atul Singh for Maker Studios


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king of avalon hack

King of Avalon Hack

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  1. This game allows racists like Ridvan in kingdom 65 to keep playing. I complain to the developers and they do nothing while he spouts nazi slogans and makes comments about the Jews. My wife is Jewish, and I take great offense to these horrific comments.

  2. Stop with all the false fucking advertising i even saw one of your crappy ads take straight out of napoleon total war and slap other gameplay behind it how the have you been sued yet

  3. Can you please stop spamming your god awful ads? I'm so sick of seeing this terrible looking game pop up before every video. Seriously this game is almost as bad as Lords Mobile and Legacy of Discord with how much you advertise your cheap, unoriginal, piece of crap.

  4. this whole game sucks o am putting bad review in everything because as long bas they get there money they 't care about there customers when u tell them someone has to be cheating because they level up From 24 to a 26 and if u play this game u know that is slot of resources just to level up once . let alone twice over night is cheating and they still 't do anything about it this is a terrible game do waste your money on this game

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  6. I have two accts. For my main castle, my health(red potion) is 112 and for my farm is it 530? Why? I even do any research in my farm. What is the blue potion for?

  7. I enjoy the game for awhile until someone bought there way to the top and was zeroing out the little guys. At that point I had enough went to leave the alliance I was in but the games tell me I can do that until I heal all my troops in the alliance hospital. Wrong answer I can delete it from my devices. Bye

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  10. After grinding all the ingredients Can I only drink the liquid after filtering the solid part?
    Because after blending all the ingredients for a long time the mixture is still somewhat thick and it's very hard to drink it. So I want to know that will it be equally beneficial only by eating the liquid part after filtering the solid. Will be waiting for your reply. It will be really helpful if u reply as soon as possible

  11. Great receipe & thx for sharing, however are we using aloe vera juice or the juice from the aloe vera itself? Also a better description of the suggested excercise would've been essential & greatly appreciated!

  12. Do you have to drink it before going to bed, or will it work just as well if you drink it during the day? Do you include the lemon seeds, or do you take them out?

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