47 thoughts to “King of Avalon “Dragon assault skills””

  1. Thank you I thought something was wrong with the game I was wondering why I couldn’t consume these points and now I know how thank you so much this video was really a great help

  2. HI evil I have question is it possible you can do video giving clear details on what happens when you active the dragon alter spell enemy eviction

  3. Yet another KOA video that's like listening to nails across chalk board. Would someone please come out with some watchable videos

  4. HI, i sugest you take all from barbs and max troop size, im sh20 and i kill monsters lvl29 without boosts

  5. Any tips for getting zeroed every other night? There is one alliance that just hit random people cuz they like to kill and I can't so sht . Got zeroed 4 times this week and I almost out of rss…

  6. Now would appreciate if you could share with us about how to get those dragon experience first and those intensity crystals Lev 5 to make Lev 6 ones second?

  7. Interesting video, I've learnt a lot from watching. Great to see someone with your stats n power share.

  8. . you are awesome i like to watch your video keep going bro. but i hope to talk about ur self . like where you from and ur age etc.

  9. For some reason my stats are lower since firelands today lower attack/defense/health and troop damage

  10. Lol well gotta remember everyone got maxed dragon skills 't realize was 50% mines a lot lower only its 15% I believe

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