KOA Lord Talents: How To Perfect Spec Your Lord

king of avalon lord talent guide

King of Avalon Hack

king of avalon lord talent guide

KOA Lord Talents: How To Perfect Spec Your Lord

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My thoughts and theories on the best way to spend your Lord Talent Points to maximize growth and lethality!
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The king of avalon lord talent guide, king of avalon hack that works to generate unlimited gold, food & wood.

Built for war!
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The specific order that you should prioritize your research and talent points for your lord Town points in order to better effectively maximize your combat ability. Video made at the request of a kingdom 75 player.
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King of Avalon Hack

44 thoughts to “KOA Lord Talents: How To Perfect Spec Your Lord”

  1. No…wrong. All wrong. You have the what i like to call "what every 2nd guy setup has" this approach is easily beaten 't be so simple and i bet you only win 45% of battles against people within your range. Stop being pay 2 play. And use your brain.

  2. I have to say I disagree on war I go havy on bow there your true killers . I can kill a 40mil sh with t9 with little loss you definitely get to life preservation talent in order to do that and I never send to many siege if you have you defense boosted you loss little to traps. Recommend you change it up and try different type check out Koa follower and check out his troop formation video in how your troop die

  3. thanks for the help i was using the tallent point in a wrong way untill i saw this video keep up the good work and got to love the master chief

  4. hey bro this is an unrelated question but I am having a hard time finding info on March speed. more specifically the differences in monster March speed and regular March speed. I have gear for March speed and Im trying to figure out if this also works for monsters or if I need separate gear for that. Tippiey_420 k238. thanks

  5. you should do a video about how many troops you want in your army and what types. And just about higher lvls. even if your lower lvl to

  6. Thank you for Making a Video this helped a great deal Kill event! Keep it up man

    Can you do Kingdom Vs Kingdon?

  7. I can barely get to 5mill power then ill get zeroed, seems economy may be my best bet but im sure could really use yr help lol

  8. well wouldn't it be better to have all economy so u can troop build alot? to grt reslly strong the kingdom im in it seems so

  9. Appreciate the video man! I liked the get points into everything in combat approach and getting the instant yield perk as well. Definitely something that ive always done, just never added the extra points for iron

  10. thank you for the info!! great vids.. and im with you alot of asslcowns and none senses in the game..lol.. im in 306 billdozer is my player

  11. This is how u lose a ton of troops!! If they get thru your infantry you automatically lost the battle! Health and defense on infantry troops is very important!

  12. When you are able to receive a "Gift Envelope", can you send gift to a Lord in a different alliance? Example, my farm.

  13. love your channel. is there a faster way to get Lord talent points or is it semi random. if there is could you put up a video about it thanks

  14. which troops would you recommend upgrading first? currently have T5 on all but was wondering which I should upgrade to T6 first? thanks

  15. What is "health?" I have a lord armor with 24% of health for inf,cav,bowman but really 't get the concept of "health."

  16. great strategy, keep up the good work on these videos. Easily best ones I seen. Keep the tips flowing…

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