28 thoughts to “Lord Eddy k134 Story True Fighting Spirit – King of Avalon / Guns of Glory / Z-Day”

  1. This video is awesome. Youre voicevso emotional and soothing and comforting, i can close my eyes a fall asleep.

  2. I started playing this game to escape from a cancer diagnosis. My Alliance leader once he found out put my name on our fortress and said. "This fortress has stayed strong and never fallen" I cried like a baby. It and they were my strength. I cried even harder when a Chinese temper tantrum brought it down finally. Gamers have talent, but true gamers have talent and heart. Hail King Eddy! God speed good man! Stand strong like a fortress.

  3. I have real life family and gaming family, most in my kingdom I see as family, think we all do in our kingdom. when one quits no matter what alliance it's a huge loss, even worse when a member passes away. And to think coming up to 2 years old our kingdom at some point we were enemies. Eddy, wow, putting kingdom before his own needs, that is fighting spirit and I wonder if that fighting spirit for the game is a reason he is still fighting and surviving his medical issues. Some a game is just a game, but to many it's a form of escape to what is going on in real life. And this escaping can make real life a little easier to deal with. I still have gaming friends I stay in contact with from Rome total war which was more than 12 years ago, guild wars, clash of kings, and then Kings of avalon. Tbh many only play this game now purely because of the friendships they have made.

  4. Please tell Lord Eddy that HOS alliance in K430 , sends our wishes for speedy recovery. His story is of a true fight. Much respect to him and his journey.

  5. I totally agree with you. We get nothing back from this game except people and friends. I even told this to my alliance mates and KC like 6 months ago. KC of course trash talked. But I 't give a damn about them. Some are really hateful n assholes.

  6. This story hits very close to home. I started playing in January 2017 while going through chemo treatments. I was in the hospital for 29 days getting a stem cell transplant, the escape from reality was the game and more importantly the people. I've been out of work on disability for going on 3 years, for some of us this game is a place we can forget our real problems. I've made many close friends, we've had births, deaths, and everything in between. More people should see the humanity behind the screens. It's just a war game for all. Appreciate you bringing this to light and best wishes for Eddy!!!

  7. Back when I played game of war there was a girl who was dying and played with one of her family members ( I think it was one of the only people still alive in her family ) and she was saying goodbye to everyone in kingdom chat as she died. Her family member told everyone in kingdom chat she had died 10 minutes after she said goodbye to everyone. Still remember it like it was yesterday just cant believe the last thing a person would do when there dying is say goodbye to people in a game.

  8. Rev this was by far your best video. It reminds everyone that while yes this is a game we are all part of a koa community. Thank you for sharing and I wish Lord Eddy a speedy recovery.

  9. Ouch! That was painful to watch, even knowing the title of the video… I wish your troops a speedy recovery, KvK troop buff is going to be kind to you – provided you have the speed ups.

  10. Why would you do that ? If i was you i will play smart and stop worth the loss i have two war march every kvk if i loss 1 then i am out


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