King of Avalon Hack/Cheats Unlimited Free Gold 2018 [UPDATED]

king of avalon cheats

King of Avalon Hack

King of Avalon Cheats Hack That Works.

In this amazing tutorial I’ll be showing you King of Avalon Hack that I’ve personally found and liked since the beginning. I know there are a lot of you that don’t know how to hack king of avalon but that’s my job to teach you.

When I was active player, I was frustrated because I couldn’t get free gold, but now things changed. I decided to make this cheat public so everyone can use it.

—- Q & A —-

Q: What’s so special about this King of Avalon Hack ?
A: The best thing is that actually works. You get unlimited gold in matter of seconds while the other tools can’t provide you anything.

Q: How can I know that my gold will stay ?
A: I wouldn’t make it public if I didn’t knew how secure and safe it was. Just follow steps as I did and you’ll be alright.

Q: Is there any limit of gold that we can get with this King of Avalon Hack ?
A: Yes there is, but you should be thankful because of it. The limit is 10k but you can use it multiple times.

Q: Does this tool works on Android or iOS ?
A: It works on both platforms and devices. It is online hack tool so you only need access to internet and you’ll be alright.

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King of Avalon Dragon Warfare Hack & Cheats 2018 – Get free gold! (Android/iOS) Website:

Hello guys. Do you want to get free gold in King of Avalon Dragon Warfare? If yes, you are in the right place. You just need a device with Android or iOS. Enjoy!

About King of Avalon Dragon Warfare:
Do you play war games? Enjoy free online games? Then prepare yourself! The hottest free to play multiplayer war game of 2017 is here! King Arthur’s death has left an empty throne. Raise your dragon and build your army in the quest to lift Excalibur and become the next King of Avalon. In this dragon war, your mighty dragon is the key to ruling your kingdom. Stay alive by forging alliances with your friends and build an empire together. This is a game of kings entangled in a game of war. Who will be victorious in this clash of kings?


War! Everywhere. You and your allies need to be prepared for a clash of clans. Build up your bases and bulk up your armies – you’re not the only ones with eyes on the throne!

Alliances! No man is an island. Whether you’re rallying against a GvE Barbarian leader or marching at a PvP bully, you’ll need allies you can trust.

Dragons! A legendary weapon of mass destruction. How will you train yours?

Chat! Easy-translation feature brings thousands of players from around the world together in realtime.

Strategy! Get the edge through research and master devastating skills. Know when to be invisible and when to order an invasion!

Building! Build the foundations of an Empire strong enough to survive in a dragon fire warzone!

Epic Fantasy! The Camelot Legend lives. Awesome monsters and HD graphics to drool over. Now play the King of online games, King of Avalon!

Download King of Avalon:
Android –
iOS –

King of Avalon Social Media:
Facebook –
Twitter –
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The 2018

Online Hack-
What’s up guys, in today’s tutorial video you gonna see how to hack King of Avalon Dragon Warfare adding unlimited Gold to my account.Enter your username ,select platform and connect to King of Avalon Dragon Warfare Hack Online Server.After you need to “Verifiy”and for that you install a application (game) and play it for 30 seconds or do what the instructions tells you.After I show you how I did it ,let’s go back to our game King of Avalon Dragon Warfare and see if the Unlimited Gold is added to my King of Avalon Dragon Warfare account . As you can see in the video the Gold is added to my account successfully! So if you want to hack the game yourself follow this King of Avalon Dragon Warfare hack video step by step and it will be easy.Everybody want’s a little advantage from your opponents so with this King of Avalon Dragon Warfare Hack Online Server you will get just that and be able to buy which upgrade you like the most and make it the most powerfull in the game! King of Avalon Dragon Warfare is a fun addictive online game where you fight with other players and hope for the best!


This King of Avalon Bot is called KoAbot. It automatically plays for you while you are away, sleeping or busy. KoAbot is by far the fastest way to earn Wood, Food, Iron & Silver. This auto farm bot will make millions of resources for your account every day!

Auto farming with a King of Avalon bot is the fastest way to earn Wood, Food, Iron and Silver. Our strategy involves creating multiple “Mini Farm Accounts” that earn resources for your main account. With this simple method, maxing your King of Avalon castle is easy!

King of Avalon is a game where you battle to build an empire, become King and take control of a kingdom! Like many base building fight games, you must grow to survive! That’s not so easy in a game that the Chinese have dominated for years.

Luckily for you, KoAbot is here to help. Players using this King of Avalon bot are making over 18 Million resources per day. That includes Wood, Food, Silver, and Iron!

Auto Gathering Resources with a King of Avalon bot is one of the quickest way to max your castle. This process involves creating multiple “Mini Farm Accounts” and putting them to work for your main account. Each Mini Account will always gather food, wood, iron and silver automatically as you choose. When you are ready, attack your Mini Accounts with your main account to collect the free resources!

You can use 2 different versions of this KoAbot

PC VERSION: This requires you to download KoAbot and the GnPlayer below and then install them on your personal computer. This is for advanced users who would like to run the software on their own computer. (Requires a License Key for Unlimited 24/7 Access)

CLOUD VERSION: This is a Cloud PC Server that does not require you to install anything. It is already set up and ready to use. This is for users who want to run KoAbot from their phones, tablets or computer. (Does not Require a License Key)

king of avalon hack

King of Avalon Hack

Free Gifts Codes | New Working | king of Avalon

king of avalon cheats

King of Avalon Hack

King of Avalon Cheats Hack That Works.

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Here are the 3 currently active gift codes working for King Of Avalon. As of July 6th, 2018.
Be sure not to use any capital letters.

To redeem them, go into your Lord Profile- Settings- Gift Codes- Type one in and press ok. Repeat for the others.

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The 2018

NEW code June 2018 :

Code cadeau – King Of Avalon (gift code)

King of Avalon Hack Cheats - How to get Unlimited Gold for Free! - Android/ios

Hello guys in this King of avalon hack I will show you how to get free resources like gold for free in the game King of avalon. This game seems to be very popular with people and it’s been played by a lot of people around the world! As this is very popular I wanted to show you guys how you can get free king of avalon gold.

Let’s start with myself I have been playing this game since very long and was getting free resources from the website I made. Should I tell you how to do it? Ok don’t worry I will definitely share it with you guys just make sure you follow the proper instructions of what I say and you will definitely get gold.

Follow the instructions below:
1. Visit the URL mentioned in the video I won’t link it here. Why? Because then you won’t watch the video properly and then start accusing me that this doesn’t work.
2. Next you will have to enter the username/E-mail ID of your game so that the server can connect to your account.
3. Also you will have to select the number of Gold you want in the game so the server can quietly add it into your account. There are no King of avalon cheats you can enter, only you can add resources by this website.
4. After you have done everything it will ask you to wait and it may happen that you will have to verify yourself.
5. Verify yourself by following the instructions in the video and after you complete them it will automatically start adding the resources. You won’t have to do anything.
6. Also this king of avalon hack works on android and also ios so it will support your phone no matter what.

If you have any questions regarding this please do comment and ask your questions so I know what is going on in your mind. Hope you enjoyed the video.

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king of avalon hack

King of Avalon Hack